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The Sooneat project was born in 2017, when the visionary TLC Project Manager Procolo Casella noted a real problem regarding the management of the service within the premises

“Sometimes it is difficult for a restaurant manager to focus on the details in the dining room, customer requests, staff activities and the status of orderings. At the same time, the precarious balance of these factors affects the customer, who might find himself waiting for hours before eating or to be ignored by the waiter when requesting the bill”

Sooneat Who We Founders And Creators Of App

From here, the idea of ​​creating a platform for the restaurant manager and an app for the customer came to life to simplify all these aspects, leaving room for a positive experience both for the staff of the venue and for those who uses its services.

To realize his idea, Procolo Casella is working with two partners, Giulio Gagliano, formerly Google ETO, and Gianluca Carbone, a specialist in the development of digital technologies and the company’s CTO. Together with a team of developers, IT engineers and communicators, the three entrepreneurs create an innovative service to support the world of catering:

Sooneat Platform In Cloud

the Cloud platform made to manage orders, communicate real-time promotions to customers and have all the local statistics under control.

Logo Application Sooneat

the App Sooneat, dedicated to users, to consult the multilingual digital menu and order conveniently with your smartphone, with the possibility of socializing with other diners to exchange ideas, opinions and, why not, make new friends.

Within a few months, Sooneat has made itself known in the catering sector, both in Italy and abroad, for its revolutionary idea of ​​Social Eating and simplification in the management of the premises.

Today the network of local members of Sooneat services is expanding in the metropolitan cities of Rome and Milan, thanks to important collaborations with industry partners and international investors, which will improve the work experience of the managers and the culinary experience of the customers, in terms of of use of services and quality of dishes to savor, bite after bite.


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