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Sooneat is designed for pizzerias, restaurants, pubs and bars interested in integrating in our local our innovative sending system commands.
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The Benefits of Sooneat

One App with the best restaurant menus in the area


Smart Menù

Inside the room you will not have to wait for the waiter anymore. Now you can browse the digital menu and send the order directly from your smartphone. In total autonomy


Social Eating

While waiting for your order you can have fun chatting with people in the room that like you have chosen the Sooneat community! to ask for advice and to make new acquaintances.


Review by Star

You can choose to share your experience with a real review only if you have really had lunch / dinner in a specific place.

Main characteristics

Let's find out together the main features of Sooneat


Find your local and browse the Menu to Order!

You can start ordering immediately, just sitting at the table, comfortably without waiting for the waiter. It’s simple and intuitive, so you can always have the menu on hand and order what you want when you want it. Sending the order in the kitchen is immediate and in a few minutes you will be served as ordered!


Customize your order

Ordering is simple and fun. You can choose by yourself from restaurant proposed dishes directly on your smartphone, you can decide what to add or remove depending on your tastes. Also, before sending the order, you will be suggested about other dishes that you can will combine with the selected dish. And if you want to continue to order, take again your smartphone and send the order!


To pay you do not need to go to the cash register!

Sooneat is also a mobile payment system. You can finish your lunch / dinner and find the bill on the app. From there you will be guided to pay by card, paypal or cash. Do you prefer to pay in cash? ask for the bill on the app you can pay directly at the cashier. You will thus have in a clear and transparent manner all the costs and promotions you have used and choose to pay only for you or even for another person.


Only Real Reviews

Before the final closure of the table you and your friends can review your experience with the place giving a vote to the menu, the service and the bill! So you will help the Sooneat community to evaluate the place with a real and certified review.


Sooneat is Social Eating!

Join with the other users of the room through the innovative sooneat chat!

Chat Room

In the room will be activated the Chat Room icon that will allow you to join with other users to exchange opinions

Like Whatsapp

You can choose to talk in groups or individually with only one person. Always in compliance with the rules!

Offer Drinks

Are you a shy person? Start your first approach by offering something to drink, with Sooneat is immediate, without leaving the Chat!

Do not disturb!

If you do not want to participate at the chat, from the settings you can safely switch to "offline" so you will not be disturbed!

Do not disturb!

Video Pitch

We have collected all the main features in this nice animated video


Our app is available for download on the Apple AppStore and Google Play.


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